Advanced Machine Learning with AWS Cloud
Python, ML and AWS

Accelerate Your Career with  Advanced Machine Learning with AWS Cloud

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PG Program in  Machine Learning with AWS: Empowering Professionals with Python and Machine Learning

Course Syllabus


Advanced Python Programing

5 MCQ Test

50 Assignments

Introduction to Machine Learning

2 MCQ Test

10 Assignments

Types of Machine Learning

2 MCQ Test

10 Assignments

Data Preprocessing and Feature Engineering

2 MCQ Test

10 Assignments

Model Selection and Evaluation

2 MCQ Test

10 Assignments

AWS Machine Learning Services

Overview of AWS AI and ML Services

2 MCQ Test

5 Assignments

Advanced Data Preprocessing Techniques

3 MCQ Test

3 Assignments

Deep Learning with AWS Sagemaker

1 MCQ Test

5 Assignments

Natural Language Processing on AWS

2 MCQ Test


Time Series Forecasting with AWS

2 MCQ Test

5 Assignments

Model Deployment and Continuous Integration

2 MCQ Test

5 Assignments

Insights in Action: Hands-On Case Studies

 Practical learning through real-world scenarios, promoting critical thinking and decision-making proficiency. Engage in collaborative group discussions, gaining transferable skills and boosting confidence for professional success. Experience an enriching journey of problem-solving, empowering you with relevant and innovative approaches to tackle complex challenges

Retail Sales Prediction and Trend analysis

Health Care Data Prediction Analysis

Real-time Analytics for E-commerce

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Real-time Data Streaming and Analysis

Weather Prediction and Climate Analysis

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Chakra LMS - Your Key to Mastering Data Science 

  1. Chakra LMS: Empowering professionals in Data Science and Python with personalized progress tracking, module metrics, and capstone project details.

  2. Track Growth: Witness a sample student's performance chart, showcasing their progress in Data Science and Python.

  3. Course Certificate: Earn validation for your expertise upon successful completion.

  4. All-Inclusive Learning: Experience state-of-the-art features on Chakra School of Data Science's LMS for a rewarding learning journey.

Showcasing Student Achievements

  1. Personalized Profiles: Discover student accomplishments with individualized profile pages displaying course certificates upon completion. 
  2. Skill Development Showcase: Highlighting dedication and growth in data science, analytics, and other areas.
  3. Individual Achievement Pages: Explore students' success stories, a testament to their commitment and the quality education they received.

In-Person Classes 

Experience Personalized Attention & Enhanced Learning

  1. In-Class Personalized Training: Experience the difference with Chakra School's dedicated instructors, offering a stimulating learning environment to thrive in.

  2. Small Class Sizes: Benefit from focused attention, enabling quick grasp of complex concepts in data science, analytics, and machine learning.

  3. Hands-On Approach: Gain practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge, boosting confidence and competence.

  4. Unlock Your Potential: Choose Chakra School for a tailored learning journey, empowering you to reach your full potential in the world of data science.

Success Stories 

Priya K., Data Analyst at TeraData

Chakra School of Data Science has been a game changer for my career. The practical, hands-on approach to learning, along with exceptional instructors, has given me the confidence and skills to excel in the data science field.

Deepak N., Data Engineer at Capgemini

The comprehensive curriculum and dedicated placement assistance provided by Chakra School of Data Science helped me land my dream job as a Data Engineer. I highly recommend this institution to anyone looking to enter the world of data science."