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Cutting-edge Programs to Boost Your Career

Are you ready to unlock your data science potential and join the ranks of successful Data Analytics, Python, Big Data, and ML professionals? Apply now to join our next batch of students at Chakra School of Data Science , and kickstart your data-driven career today.                                                                           

Data Analytics Mastery with Tableau

Master the Art of Data Visualization and Analysis

Data Engineering Mastery  with Snowflake

Master PostgreSQL, AWS, and Snowflake

Integrated Data Engineering & Analytics Mastery

 Big Data with PySpark, AWS Redshift, Athena, Glue

Advanced Machine Learning on AWS Cloud

Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning

Chakra LMS - Your Key to Mastering Data Science 

Discover Chakra LMS, designed for professionals to excel in Data Science and Python. Our platform provides personalized pages for each student, showcasing module and chapter-wise metrics, capstone project details, and scores to track their progress effectively. Get a sneak peek at our sample student's performance chart, highlighting their growth in Data Science and Python. Earn a course certificate upon successful completion, validating your expertise. Experience the all-inclusive features of our state-of-the-art LMS and embark on a rewarding learning journey with Chakra School of Data Science.

Showcasing Student Achievements

 Discover our students' accomplishments with personalized profile pages that feature their certificates upon course completion. Each student's profile highlights their hard-earned certificate, showcasing their dedication and skill development in data science, analytics, and more. Explore the success of our students through their individual achievement pages, a testament to their commitment and our quality education.

Empower Your Data Science Career 

Strategic Placement Approach & Employer Collaborations

Chakra School of Data Science is dedicated to helping you launch a successful career in data science through our Employer Connect and Placement Assistance services. We actively connect our students with top industry employers, offering job placement support, networking opportunities, and personalized career guidance. Partner with Chakra School of Data Science to elevate your data science career and unlock your full potential in this thriving industry.

Customized Data Science Career Guidance:

Receive tailored advice and support from experienced career counselors, helping you navigate the competitive data science job market.

Expert Resume Building & Interview Coaching:

Benefit from professional assistance in crafting a standout data science resume and mastering interview techniques to gain an edge in the industry.

Job Placements

A strong commitment to providing job placement opportunities upon course completion, ensuring a smooth transition from education to employment in the data science field

Data Science Networking Events & Industry Connections:

Gain exclusive access to networking events, guest lectures, and valuable connections with leading data science professionals and organizations.

In-Person Classes 

Experience Personalized Attention & Enhanced Learning

Experience the difference with Chakra School of Data Science's in-class personalized training. Our dedicated, expert instructors create a stimulating learning environment where you can thrive. With small class sizes and focused attention, you'll quickly grasp complex concepts and develop your skills in data science, analytics, and machine learning. Our hands-on approach ensures you not only learn the theory, but also gain practical experience to boost your confidence and competence. Choose Chakra School for a tailored learning journey that empowers you to unlock your true potential in the world of data science.

Success Stories 

Priya K., Data Analyst at TeraData

Chakra School of Data Science has been a game changer for my career. The practical, hands-on approach to learning, along with exceptional instructors, has given me the confidence and skills to excel in the data science field.

Deepak N., Data Engineer at Capgemini

The comprehensive curriculum and dedicated placement assistance provided by Chakra School of Data Science helped me land my dream job as a Data Engineer. I highly recommend this institution to anyone looking to enter the world of data science."